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To establish the correlates of HIV infection, we used logistic regression models taking into account the dependence of observations resultant from the recruitment chains. The analysis included socio-demographic sex work characteristics, sexual behavior, history of violence, alcohol and drug use, utilization of health services, and occurrence of other sexually transmitted infections STIs. HIV prevalence was estimated as 5.

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At his feet are recent mathematical studies, sewn in leather and vinyl. Eva Franch i Gilabert: Douglas goes between different mediums to examine our present. At the same time, he looks to the future and understands that space of optimism, but also all the consequences of not imagining that future.

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Geekosystem stumbled across a site that allows makers to do just that. The descriptively named ' Dildo Generator ' lets you tweak a phallic model until it fits your preferences just so, ready to be saved and exported so the 3D file of your fantasy can be forever solidified in silicone. I reached out to Ikaros Kappler, the Berlin-based programmer behind the project, to ask why.

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OpenSCAD is a free software tool for creating 3d objects. Instead of using the mouse to select and modify 3d objects you have to use a description language. For creating a cube or a cylinder just type in the appropriate command. You can copy and paste the dildo generator source code at the end of this blog post and try to change the parameters.

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Calling the adventurers ready to join a company that's pushing the limits of nanotechnology to keep the digital revolution rolling. At KLA, we're making technology advancements that are bigger—and tinier—than the world has ever seen. Who are we?

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Sex toys are starting to shed their stigma and buying one no longer involves a trip to a seedy adult store down a grim alley, thanks to companies like Crave. The San Francisco start-up is injecting design thinking into product development in order to create discreet, high-end products for a discerning audience. Sex toys, after all, grew out of the s porn industry and there is still a lingering embarrassment around their purchase and use.

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Despite their nearly identical genomes, males and females differ in risk, incidence, prevalence, severity and age-at-onset of many diseases. Sexual dimorphism is also seen in human autosomal gene expression, and has largely been explored by examining the contribution of genotype-by-sex interactions to variation in gene expression. These correlations measure the similarity of the combined additive genetic effects of all single-nucleotide polymorphisms across the autosomal chromosomes, and thus the level of common genetic control of gene expression across the sexes.

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Registered in Ireland: My husband and I had a baby six months ago. Doctors generally advise mothers to wait six weeks after having a baby before having sex, but for many women that feels far too soon. This is particularly true for women who have had a difficult birth.

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When engineers meet after work for drinks, they design their cocktails the same way they design anything else, apparently: in the modeling software AutoCAD. Divided between whiskey and non-whiskey based cocktails, the two schematics can be downloaded, opened and tweaked in any AutoCAD reader. What I like about both of these schematics is how well they demonstrate the density of information, which engineers make their living organizing and visualizing.

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See popular blocks and top brands. Please report possible bugs to webmaster cadstudio. Merci de transmettre vos remarques a webmaster cadstudio. Want to download the whole library?


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