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We stopped in Hot Springs on the way to Memphis and decided to treat ourselves to a spa day. We did It included a private

No towel, no problem. Catch this traditional Japanese experience of a mixed-gender host spring bath before it slips away With Japan being a highly volcanic island, the Japanese have harnessed and perfected the art of onsenor hot springsfor centuries.

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Liked the sauna,the rooms,very nice and clean. For the price, it's a prettying all inclusive experience. The common lounge can crowded at time

It's tough for many women to go naked in our 60s. The once perky parts slope downwards. There are stretch marks and cesarean scars, droopy tummies and thighs that move at their own pace.

Thirty-five Euros for a three-and-a-half hour bath and brush massage at Friedrichsbad, the famous bathhouse in Baden-Baden, Germany. The woman opened the till. Tom put his arm on the desk and leaned in.

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I couldn't tell what the eager, naked Japanese man wanted from me, but I was a visitor in his country—the international rules of etiquette dictated that it was my responsibility to try and figure it out. There were maybe a dozen of us, all naked and squatting on short plastic stools in front of a wall of spigots. This was my first visit to a Japanese sentobut I knew I was expected to wash thoroughly before moving to the soaking tubs in the next room—where men sat in hot water, white washcloths draped over their heads, emitting a chorus of low, grumbling sighs like a pack of water buffalo who'd just finished a large dinner.

Fudo no Yu was a community bath, meaning anyone was free to use it, and until last year it was left unsupervised. It was also one of a dwindling number of onsen in the Kanto region that allow traditional mixed bathing, known in Japanese as konyoku. Although Fudo no Yu ended up reopening a couple of months later, any opportunity for licentiousness has been strictly curtailed.

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Dipping into the thermal waters of Kyushu is a must, especially if you can do it with all of your friends or significant other. Every year, more facilities are closing their doors or changing their policies so that men and women bathe separately. Traditionally, onsen were meant for men and women to bathe together, so many advocates are pushing to preserve the old ways.

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Masters of the ritual claim lower stress, clearer skin and even improved brain health. Onsen: Male bathing days are clothing optional, and female days are clothing optional. The rest of the days are co-ed, and bathing suits are required.

But English spas also have a long history of bathing in spa waters, perhaps even longer than that of drinking. Bath was famously originally a Roman city or was it founded by King Bladud? If your travels to England happen to take you to Bath during the summer months, I highly recommend doing what I did, which is escaping the extremely crowded city centre around the Pump Room, Roman Baths, and Bath Abbey during the day, and seeing the higher and less-crowded sights, like No. The reason for this is simple: the Romans seriously knew how to spa.


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