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Vaginal health affects more than just your sex life. Find out about common vaginal problems and ways to promote a healthy vagina. Vaginal health is an important part of a woman's overall health.

Next to important and necessary sanitary products like pads and tampons, you'll find a sizeable selection of deodorants, wipes and "intimate washes" designed to maximise "odour control" and maintain "lasting freshness". Aside from being unnecessary, and in some cases, harmful, feminine care products tend to reinforce harmful ideas about vaginal discharge — that it is undesirable, if not unnatural, says Deborah Bateson. Vaginal discharge plays an important role keeping the vagina healthy.

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Error: This is required. Error: Not a valid value. Every woman has some vaginal discharge.

Do you know the difference between normal vaginal discharge and abnormal vaginal discharge? Having vaginal discharge is a natural part of being a woman, but sometimes changes in it can signal a problem. The basic function of your vagina is to provide a route from the outside of your vagina to your uterus and the rest of your internal reproductive system. The natural, acidic, pH of your vagina acts to prevent infections and is caused by natural, good, bacteria present in your vagina.

Typically, clear, stretchy and jelly-like vaginal discharge that has the consistency of egg whites, means that you are making a lot of estrogen. This type of discharge often occurs in … read more. Thanks for your question and good job for seeing your doctor!

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The comforting news is that many colors are normal. Well, wonder no longer. Red or brown bloody discharge is normal during your period.

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Admit it: You've absolutely inspected your discharge before how can you not, when it's right there on your underwear?! Most of the time it probably looks pretty normal —white or clear, a bit stretchy, and wet, clearly—but Don't freak—at least not yet.

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A discharge from the vagina may occur normally or may result from inflammation of the vagina vaginitiswhich may be due to an infection. The genital area vulva —the area around the opening of the vagina—may also be inflamed. Depending on the cause of the discharge, other symptoms are often also present.

Normally, vaginal discharge is clear or white. It may become stretchy and slippery during ovulation, about two weeks after your menstrual period. A change in the color or amount of discharge, accompanied by other symptoms, may indicate that you have an infection. The vagina normally contains bacteria.


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